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Production of various men-made custom woven fabric, which are widely used in clothing, pants, luggage and home textile industries.
Mainly engaged in nylon, polyester, N/C,T/C,spandex and series; microfiber series; memory series; cationic series; jacquard series; pongee, peach skin, nylon taffeta, Oxford, finishing woven fabric etc.

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What We Do

We are Suzhou Huimin Textile Co.,LTD  who located in famous big woven fabirc market in Suzhou, Shengze Town, China. Near to Shanghai city about 1.5 hours ride.

We are leading woven fabric factory in China, produced poly, nylon, functional woven fabric and also produce high-end custom fabric like viscose rayon, curpo, acetic acid of premium yarn woven fabric, which can used in garments of downjackets, casual clothing, women dress, spandex pants.

Also a organizer & professional sourcing agent for knit wearing, Swimming, Mesh fabric. Our woven fabric supply to overseas for brands.

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Our Custom Woven Fabric Services

Free Sample

Our customer can get free custom woven fabric sample, Yardage sample is also be free to VIP customer

Development Ability

We can develop new custom fabric according to customer’s original fabric sample or pattern & logo or design idea

Various Type of Fabric

We have thousands type of woven fabric, give you diverse selection and make you more efficiency, enjoy one station service

Brand Raw Material

Our woven fabric produced by brand yarn and brand dyeing stuff, make less greige defects and color good color fastness to meet AATCC & ISO & JIS

Flexible Order Quantity

Our custom woven fabric order quantity is flexible, Low to 10M for custom color, make the trial order easy

Quickly Action

We have powerful team for developing and production, proffesional sales and good after sale service, give excellent purchasing experience

Why do Most Garments Wish to
Get Custom Woven Fabric from HUIMIN?


There are multiple woven fabric factory are available but the HUIMIN remains the highly preferred one. We are providing qualified custom woven fabric at a low cost and everyone giving excellent reviews about our woven fabric service. We are the top-ranked woven fabric manufacturer and nothing can restore its value at any time.

Woven fabric have been around as long as humans have been producing textiles, although modern iterations offer far more in terms of function and customization. The weaving process remains the same at its core. By crossing perpendicular threads over one another in a warp-weft pattern, it’s possible to establish a highly-ordered structure of fibers that resists tearing. HUIMIN uses the most advanced weaving equipment available to quickly and consistently manufacture tightly custom fabric industrial textiles. We are one of the world’s leading woven fabric factory with the ability to support US, EU and Asia markets. We are a market leader in high-performance custom woven fabric and specialize in meeting the requirements of difficult and demanding customer applications within the aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical industries, among others.

Get Different Kinds of Designer Custom Woven Fabric

There are numerous woven fabric company in China providing custom woven fabric products. SUZHOU HUIMIN TEXTILE is the best options for you. As one of the most professional woven fabric manufacturer, HUIMIN offers a full catalog of woven fabric materials – many of which can be customized with additional treatments and coatings. At HUIMIN, we take innovation seriously. By staying up to date with the latest advancements in textile technology, we’re able to offer an unparalleled selection of technical custom woven fabric products. Most of our customers find that we already have an ideal material in stock among our 250 performance custom woven fabric, which range in composition from basic polyester or polypropylene to specialty fibers like Nomex, Teflon, Rastex, and Kevlar. Further customization is possible through our comprehensive array of mechanical finishes, treatments, and coatings.

You will also recommend this to those who are wishing to buy the unique custom woven fabric at a low cost and it will be more helpful for them. If you are making our custom woven fabric as unwanted one then surely you will feel bad so don’t miss this unique one for any cause. Are you searching for custom woven fabric company? Then you are in the right place. So don’t miss this unique woven fabric are any cause and it will keep you away from more expenditure. You will also compare the worth and cost of our custom woven fabric with the other then only you will get a better idea about it. We are having a certified woven fabric manufacturer and they are giving the unique design and color for it. These are all the main reasons for HUIMIN custom woven fabric becomes the widely chosen ones. 

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Production of various men-made custom woven fabric, which are widely used in clothing, pants, luggage and home textile industries. Mainly engaged in nylon, polyester, N/C, T/C, spandex and series, microfiber series, memory series, cationic series, jacquard series, pongee, peach skin, nylon taffeta, Oxford, finishing woven fabric etc.

898# Keji Road, Shengze town,
Wujiang district, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.
+86 180-0155-1927