What fabric is suitable for women dresses?

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Dresses are a kind of clothing that female friends prefer. If they can be worn, they can show a figure and have a great temperament. There are more people wearing dresses in the spring and summer seasons. Of course, the price range of dresses is also very large, ranging from dozens of There are hundreds to thousands of them. Fabrics and workmanship are the main reasons for the price of dresses. What kind of fabrics are suitable for dresses? we will introduce you to several fabrics suitable for dresses.

  • Chiffon fabric: The main feature of chiffon is light and elegant. This kind of fabric has very good drape and is very suitable for making dresses. Most of the chiffon fabrics are made of polyester, and some are made of silk. The fabric of chiffon has a soft and smooth touch. The fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability. It can be worn close to the body. It can also be printed, jacquard and other processes in the production process. Of course, the price of silk chiffon will be much higher than that of chemical fiber chiffon.
  • Silk: Silk is also a general term. It can be roughly divided into chemical fiber silk and silk silk. No matter what kind of silk, it will have a good drape. Silk has a silky and soft feel, and the cloth has a good gloss. Silk The finished dress is luxurious in appearance and suitable for high-end venues such as banquets.
  • Organza fabric: Organza yarn is a kind of yarn, usually made of polyester. Raw material with better quality will be made of silk, but the price will naturally be much higher.Organza yarn has a very good drape Sex, but the texture of the fabric is hard, and a layer of cloth is usually embedded in the inner layer of this type of dress.
  • cupro viscose fabric:The cupro viscose fabric blend fabric has a typical silky appearance, the fabric is covered with cream, warm and beautiful but not shiny, the hand feels very smooth, and the skin-friendly feel is very good, plus the cupro viscose fabric has ecological and environmental protection characteristics, so it is comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly, which is good for health. Therefore, cupro viscose fabric is the love of high-end fashion with a very high quality.

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The four kinds mentioned above are the fabrics commonly used in the production of dresses. Of course, we has the above fabrics and other clothing fabrics for sale. Friends who need to buy dress fabrics are welcome to contact us to get FREE SAMPLE and price.

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