What is a woven fabric?

What is a woven fabric? What are the advantages and disadvantages of woven fabrics?

Woven fabric refers to a type of fabric made by loom throwing, that is to say, as long as the fabric made by this weaving method is called woven fabric, the commonly used raw materials are cotton, polyester, etc., and Woven fabrics are relatively knitted fabrics. Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics are the two most used in the apparel and textile fields. Each has its own characteristics. we will combines the advantages and disadvantages of woven fabrics to everyone. Introduce this fabric.

  • Advantages of woven fabrics:
    Woven fabric refers to the interlacing of warp and weft. The fabric determined by this weaving method will have better shape stability, and its fabric is not easy to deform after being pulled or rubbed. The flat surface of the woven fabric is neat and straight, and it can be printed and jacquard. The woven fabric is washable and does not easily shrink and deform after washing.
  • Disadvantages of woven fabrics:
    The overall woven fabric will look dull, and its elasticity is very general. Of course, spandex can be spun into the fabric to increase the elasticity of the fabric.

The use and price of woven fabric:

Woven fabrics are mainly used in the apparel field. Pants, shirts, and T-shirts can all be produced from woven fabrics. The price is still determined by the composition of the fabric. The price of cotton woven fabric is generally more expensive than chemical fibers.

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