You need to know about jacket fabric of softshell fabric

You Need to Know about Jacket Fabric of SoftShell Fabric

SoftShell is a highly technical jacket fabric which is becoming more widely used across outdoor sports from skiing to cycling to running for making jacket coats.where demands for a fabric is both weather resistant but highly breath-able to contend with extreme activities and the surface of the jacket fabric needs extremely breathable-which is great for helping you manage sweat during activities.We will brief introduce the softshell of jacket fabric. How it can let you get away from cold,rain and maintain an ideal body temperature.

The soft shell is composed of three layers of different materials, ensuring excellent performance:

The outer layer is high-density waterproof polyester, so that the clothing has good resistance to external factors, rain and snow;

The middle layer is a breathable film, so it allows moisture to escape without stagnating or wetting the inside

The inner layer is made of fleece to ensure good thermal insulation and comfortable with the skin.

The typically offer short-term protection against rain and wind,but if you are caught in a serious downpour,you will need to layer up with a hard-shell for that ultimate wet weather solution,please contact us to know more jacket fabric.